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I have over 8 years of experience in website design and development as well as many years in customer service and retail management.

The past 3 years I have specifically focused on leveling up my skills in front-end UI/UX development and design, using tools such as HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and PHP to build responsive and adaptive websites and mobile web applications. I have designed multiple websites as a freelancer as well worked as part of a team in a web design company – creating websites for multiple churches, non-profits, and small-businesses.

What sets me apart are my graphic design and front-end development abilities. I am fast at sketching, prototyping and wire-framing. I am great at designing eye-pleasing UI layouts and hand-coding layouts into HTML and CSS (or SASS), using frameworks such as Bootstrap or integrating themes into WordPress or Drupal. I have had experience in linux/apache servers and setting up instances on AWS. I am also very good at SEO and making front-end performance optimizations.

Key Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, PHP, & JavaScript

UX, Web Designer at General Motors & Entrega
Husband, Father, and Jesus Follower

[email protected]
Grand Blanc, MI

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Code School Report Card

Front-End Web Designer & Developer

Technical Skills
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery,
Git, Apache/Linux Servers, SQL, and PHP
My Code School Report Card

Software Expertise
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks

Good Communication Skills
Experienced in writing, typing, and public speaking

Strong Teamwork Skills
Many years managing, participating in, and working in team environments

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Website Portfolio
Website Portfolio
Website Portfolio
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